5 major factors determining whether a man to marry you

29 Dec 2010

5 major factors determining whether a man to marry you

Do you have him worrying about, but he tells you lukewarm? Do you only see or twice a week, call seems to have been busy? This can explain something?
Your heart is still worried about whether he marry you? Still worried that he is not really for you it?
Do you have him worrying about, but he tells you lukewarm? Do you only see or twice a week, call seems to have been busy? This can explain something? Present, you may just an ordinary couple. For men, to be his girlfriend for a long time to go through to become his wife, is an extremely long process.
Whether men marry you, with the following 5 major determining factor.
1, a date, it is time
Many female friends, always felt he was waiting for her boyfriend should be, must, in particular, a number of important appointments in time. Therefore, women friends will always late, so her boyfriend holding hands in the cold to spend a long wait. Be a man, very punctual, that is, he will not come too soon, but did not dare be late. To prepare for a date, he will do some careful preparation and modification.
It seems that only a woman late for a patent, on the man who is the most heinous things. But, you know, a man’s patience is also a limit, one or two of late he can stand, but each time an appointment is late, man will not stand, it will freak. You would have to tell you about a marriage proposal, but you left him a man innocently and so on. He is not a fool, but you do not want to look at him as a fool, he also hoped that he in your eyes, like you is as important in his eyes.
2, not to mention former romance
Each person will have in the past. Regardless of the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, are like a thorn, will tie in each other’s heart needs for some time to recover.
Man enough to love you, never in your ex-girlfriend with the premise and related matters, even before the token, are thrown away when you can not see. Former romance, no one will forget, but he can do not to mention straight mouth. Even if you force him to account, he only mentioned casually that sounds Yuntie some of the words, for example, “that man was perfect and I do not get along with her is always dead.” This does not mean he wants to hide his past too much, it does not mean he did not want to be honest with you his past, but he does not want you because they are sad being caught in the past tense. But girl you do it?
No matter how good your past, no matter how you forget the past are not repeated in front of his talk about the past. Boyfriend will not only feel like you love being from the past come out from his mind there will be a thorn, I thought I can not compare your past him. A thorn was he dare to marry you?
3, often called
You do not work with a company, you may also not live together. Even the first day just met, but he was gone the moment you begin a long miss. When you was at work or at home, or at any time, he called you, softly that he is actually nothing special, just want to say a few words to you. If he is now in the office, you might hear his phone ringing one after another the other end, but he ignored.
But the phone side of you, but not necessarily very happy, would think he interrupts you, and sometimes even half-heartedly. This lukewarm attitude will greatly reduced his enthusiasm, he would begin to doubt his position was in your heart.
No matter how busy you are, we must always give him a call in to talk about inner thoughts. If you did not call, then call you when he should make a deal, do not let him have other ideas.
4, always mention each other in front of friends
In front of you, he seems to be talkative, telling you about him and his family many cases, the purpose is to let you go near him, to narrow the distance between you so that you quickly into his circle. Just think of you, he has can not tell the fascinating, this feeling must be his buddies in front of a spit faster. Women love fashion show in front of peers, men prefer to boast to his friends his beloved woman.Auto Diagnostic|VCM IDS|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A|volvo vida dice|Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3 |T300 key programmer|Benz Star|FORD VCM IDSThis is a man marry your best evidence of the.
As a girl, and her boyfriend might also bring a lot of time with each other, let your boyfriend know that he also has considerable status in mind. Even her boyfriend is not around, you can bring each other more, and this is a great attention to his expression.
5, Aiwujiwu
If you asked him as a friend to help you, he is especially hard. The reason is simple, he wants you happy, let your friends praise him. He also wanted to blend in to your circle of friends, and your friends closer together.
Love can make people blind, usually Aiwujiwu, he wanted to marry you, the same will be like your friends, your family, your interests … … He will respect your various interests, including your shopping preferences. Usually you hear so-called “man Zuifan accompany women shopping,” saying some are in fact a married man’s remarks, on stage he is in head over heels for the opportunity to be with you, very satisfied.
Remember that a woman should ask some questions, if you can not accept his all, then not necessarily how much you love him. Do not want to marry a man not to accept all his women, as love may be only a few years, but the marriage is indeed a lifetime thing.




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