Remember the love that once

4 Dec 2010

Remember the love that once
The furthest distance in the world, not life and death, but I stand before you, you do not know that I love you;
The farthest distance in the world, is not I stand before you, you do not know that I love you, but obviously in love but not together;
The furthest distance in the world is not obviously in love but not together, but obviously can not resist such thoughts, but pretending you do not mind.
Life will always be people have changed the emotion and frustration, and missed the most devastating than love.
For your love, very early romance and fantasy is so beautiful, fantasy, first love, his will is the ultimate happy ending, it has been looking forward to the appearance of Snow White in my life. Finally the gift of God to me, I dream to find her, God is like get people to spend my love had not yet withered bloom at the same time.
Quite a coincidence or a chance to meet her for granted. Love at first sight, hopelessly in love with her, but for their own deeply buried pain. If only that simple, maybe I can die happy, you can love gave me a miserable joke. At first acquaintance, like a buddy-like, the line go hand in hand, Tangulunjin, do not talk about love.
When I pour out to her affection, she did not give me any answers left me is a three-month long wait. Perhaps not too long for three months, but a deep love for me, like three centuries. In every second of waiting, I spent my own, but also the day belonged to her, still like the old days, as talk about ideals, about preferences, not talk about love but squeak mouth.
When all hope is reduced to ashes; all thoughts, all the wind, with my only wind and rain, no sun; only the summer of depression, but not quiet night. A person, a glass of wine, a cigarette, a bitter taste in music, alone, through many a lonely evening. Gradually getting used to go its own way of life, no other comfort, much less someone else’s love.v-checker|obd2|obd ii|MVCI interface|MVCI TIS|MVCI HDS|M35080 For some reason, I become restless like, so easy nostalgia. Every encounter with her made me suffocate, only the night, I can force her to be my gentle sleep.
Flowers is a happy, full of fallen flowers also should be a joy, a deep calm the mind and release. Love is like an ocean, a tidal wave down from there, from a surging tide, the tide falls is a ripple, as long as there are ripples in mind, we always will outline a beautiful halo, then why do you deliberately care about the rise and fall, and flowers bloom. Heart disease eventually need medicine for the heart, when I can not get caught in the abyss of love, when Wei approached my life, I love to bring new light. We fell in love slowly, gradually, I have forgotten the original pain. We care of each other, our love carefully. Wei in a day, I found a long lost love, Wei also has a part of her happiness. We meet together every sun rose, the common experience of the history of emotions. I love that the ownership of the boats parked in safe havens like there will not be any waves, but I eventually able to escape the shackles of troubled love, stuck in the mud is about to lose its oxygen.
May care about other people, other people have not looked down on you; can be when people care about you, you have not put her heart.
When she suggested the spark of love for my bud, my love has been warming to the micro-indivisible. If you do not had her silence, we may be able to accompany a happy end, but who would expect such a result would love it? Since the end is doomed, we not only accept the reality, no choice. My heart told me was the love that this belongs to me, and now I have no right to maintenance. Therefore, I wish in addition to, not what you have.
I know someone in the world, love me, but I also know that the world has the one I love. Love my people and I love the people are the thousands of mixed emotions blindly kneading, thousands of words of care. Even if the care put together countless meteors, but also do not always have a fall, in my inner world, I never can tell its luster. As long as they need me, I can over the Galaxy, flew the constellation belong to them.
A meteor had it moments of beauty, is destined to have its buds bloom, like birds flying in the sky, fish in the water cruising. Though, my life is a vast sky, you do not want a fleeting meteor! I’d rather you be a bright eternity; I would prefer your beauty is a deep; I’d rather you were blossoming a happy smile; I would rather a comfort to your casual perspective … …




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