But you can not have your love

4 Dec 2010

But you can not have your love
The night wind blowing gently, slowly in a relaxed mind, can you care but still can not put down. A man not lonely, lonely like a talent. Mood as the wind gently floating in the air, and not to think so much of things, therefore, had to indulge his brain, he was the night wind flutters everywhere with my thoughts.
This will not know you doing? If, like me, full of thoughts in the drift. The back to watch you go, and my heart there is a fierce sting All of a sudden become empty inside, I feel life is really meaningless. In fact, they would appreciate your thoughts, your situation, but too concerned about a person when you love will become a burden.
Suddenly feel helpless, although they knew to rely on their own, but this moment is how my mind would want to have a harbor. When your tired, they can stop a break. However, they would understand that things are unpredictable, like a person can pay him for all and give everything. Although it is understood, may not have to pay gains, and many stories are never ending. However, I still willing to pay at my efforts. Read an article saying: If you really love, then do not give up! Even if he makes you sad. Worried about him trying to listen to him and let him know you still love him. If you really love, then do not give up! Even if he let you down. Try to accommodate him, and let him know you still care about him.
Love really is a very wonderful thing, infinite magic, people fascinated. When you approached him, they find that people really love-hate relationship. But I believe you love someone, all I will love him, not because of some worldly things change.
When listening to your voice coldly told myself not to control the future of your things, I know your in a bad mood, I can do is quietly to care for you and understand you. Also really hate myself sometimes too incompetent, do not always want you to day cares and sorrows, however, often can not.Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3|Benz Star|Renault CAN Clip|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|Fly 100 Honda|x431|VCM IDS|Auto Diagnostic|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A I can do is when you’re happy, share your happiness; when you have bad times, to be a listener, sometimes friends ask: “Do you do this, worth it? Though love has its existence reason, however, this result can you afford it? “a friend asked, so I can only report to smile. I said, many people may not agree with me, but I do follow your own feelings, because once a rare indulgence. Let me indulge myself in this feeling it, do not ask the results, when loved, I will take it lightly to face many setbacks in life.
When you love someone, but can not have him, his face a choice: give up or continue. Many people, including you, say: give up, do not waste their youth. However, they themselves understand that they really fit. If you can put down as early as have been put down, would not the point now. So, when night comes, I can only miss one person alone, silently thinking: you will be doing this? You would be thinking? When I call from the missing strings, you can sense a voice say to you: I love you!




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