I really believe that the love

12 Nov 2010

I really believe that the love
Millet under 20 years old, did not speak a little childish. In her young life, she experienced many setbacks and failures. She said, love cheated on her, but it is love, re-awakened her.
16 years old, I was the owner’s friend raped
Parents divorced when I was seven years old. May be too young, I do not have much of their sense of separation, but I often hear people say: “A poor child!” So, in my lonely childhood, I have been a silent and live apart children.
I told my father, grandmother to live with, and occasionally go to see my mother (mom food). But they soon have to find a new partner, with their own lives. I have been looking forward to growing up, I was very young when he can live independently in the long, hard to explain why, perhaps to avoid the separation of parents, perhaps in order to find their own sense of belonging to it.
Junior high school graduation, my father because of their work to move the field to go along with her grandmother in the past of course, but I’m not leaving.Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO CalculatorIn order to stay in Shenyang, I went to see my mother and grandmother, but I gave up, in front of them, how do I feel that they are superfluous.
Opposite the school, I rented a “insert between” my room is only a narrow single bed. Although the living conditions worse, but I finally have its own space, a place where I belong.
Next, I faced the biggest problem is the cost of living, in order not to burden his father, and I got a steady job in a bar, started the day school, night work life. 16 years old the first time I felt life difficult. Every day I got home about 3am the next day 7:00 up to school late almost every day. This life continued for more than a month, I will soon unable to go.
One day early morning back, I saw a man was sleeping in my bed. The man is the owner’s friend, because I often come to understanding. But I was surprised such a situation, on the outside for a moment, I decided to call him up.
He woke up, I let him go to his friend that room to sleep, but he suddenly hugged me and started kissing me, and also hard to take off my clothes. His great strength, but under my strong resistance he finally stopped. I am relieved, but very, very tired.
He saw it, let me sleep, I guarantee he will not hard to come. I really could not withstand the sleepy, and he goes to sleep in my bed on the very small. What had happened one night, but he was unable to control the morning, no matter how I do not have his strength against the big, he did what he wanted to do, and I already no longer a virgin. I never go to school.
That time is catching up with winter, cold exacerbated the loneliness of my heart, I want to leave Shenyang, want to forget what happened, although I know that everything is possible.
I went to the field of the father’s house, no work, no school. When bored, I surf the Internet and chat with friends, indulge yourself in the virtual world to escape the cruelty. At this point, a man named Lin (a pseudonym) boys became the object of my talk.
Lin is my alumni, but also the pursuit of me before, but I think we do not fit to not agree. In those days I most lost, he sends me a call, send text messages, saying all kinds of jokes to make me happy. I told him my story, I said I’m not a virgin, and he certainly told me he did not care that he was willing to marry me.
Moved intertwined with happy, my heart and renewed hope, I think I finally found someone who cares for me, one can accompany me through my whole life.
I want to return to Shenyang to see forests, but his father will not let me go back to the day before birth in the forest, I have to run away and back. Forest to the station to pick me up, hug him, I think I came to a happy, beautiful new world.
Lin’s 18 birthday, I treat myself to him. The past is the harsh reality, in front of the unknown future, I do not know if it is not happy, I know, there are forests in my side, I will not be alone.
I rented a house, and the forest to live together. We are very happy that time, I found a job, Lin said he did not want to go to school, I think So much the better, and we can fight a few years, save some money, to the age of the married.
Hard as I thought I was, I did not think everything is just wishful.
Lin does not know to play after school, and I ask him about the job he was always half-hearted on the surface, and then do nothing. The lives of two of us, asked me to maintain a person’s income.

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