Normal, happier

29 Sep 2010

Normal, happier
Life is short, everything but it should take to heart, mind at any time to maintain balance, believe in yourself and keep normal, panic, smiling, , one will lead a happy life.

1, and do not themselves too seriously

Everyone has their own ambitions, some people asked themselves too high, simply not able to afford them, so all day depressed unsuccessful. This is the same trouble. Some work requires perfect, and sometimes almost nit-pick their own requirements. Tend to blame yourself because of the small flaws, the results of the victims or their own. To avoid frustration, the best wisely provides for the objectives and requirements within the scope of their abilities, know how to appreciate their own achievements, a naturally cheerful.

2, not too high expectations of others

Many people pin their hopes on others, especially his wife Wang Fu, parents hope their children Jackie Chan. If not meet their demands the other party will be great disappointment.Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431 In fact, Rengeyouzhi, everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, so why have to ask others to meet their demands?

3, to ease their anger

When we excitedly angry water, a lot of things wrong or gaffe will remember with affection. Its later regret, it would be better made in advance wisely.

4, occasionally, need to yield

Into the event were all from the big picture of doing things, only the lack of insight into a dead end people will die. Principle of wise insight that only affected in a small place to retreat and not affect the overall situation has not only reduce their own troubles.

5, to avoid being

Setbacks in life, or against, the best worries aside temporarily, to do the things you like, such as exercise, sleep, entertainment and so on, until the peace of mind, and then re-face their own problems.

6, someone to talk to trouble

Buried in the bottom of my heart all the depression, will only make yourself unhappy. As the heart of the trouble has been known to tell their friends, the mood would suddenly felt comfortable. Emotionally available to talk with the balance of external stimuli, to avoid disease disaster. When misfortune, annoyance and something goes wrong after the suppression of depression not to mind my love, but rather rely on these troubles to you, stay calm and understanding person talk to himself, also, Animals are also on the side of the line speakers.

7, to do something for others

Do good, be happy, balanced psychology. Do good, comfort the heart, felt at ease; others respond to their own be encouraged, happy music. Starting with ourselves, with people, this will be friends.

8, do not compete with people everywhere

Some people mentally unbalanced, simply because they are competitors everywhere with people, forcing their constant state of tension. In fact, the coexistence of people to and for you, as long as you do not mind other people as opponents on other people does not necessarily against you.

9, to forget is also a good way to maintain psychological balance

Forget their troubles, forget sorrow, forget the bitter, frustrated forget, forget yesterday, forget, forget the other people on your injury, you forget the betrayal of friends, forget the fragile feelings, forget you ever regret and shame … shame … so you it can be an optimist. Is the road of life twists and turns, for honor, wealth, poverty, slander, jealousy, sorrow and grief, and other social attachments, laugh, then you get free, and psychology on the balance.

10, rich and varied life

This is the best way to eliminate mental vigorously. Engage in activities you enjoy, such as playing chess, playing cards, painting, fishing, nature of psychological imbalance gradually balance.

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