Love is an appreciation of the

29 Sep 2010

Love is an appreciation of the
We live in a colorful world
In this world, not only has beautiful scenery,
Also have different personalities, different temperaments, different people charisma.
In the long journey of life, you will met a lot of people meet,
Different people have different quality and charm,
Appreciation, love and love has become our most difficult to grasp the scale.

It is said that men and women are the most important thing is knowing each other, love each other.
In fact, in your life, you really can move people,
Far more than one, have to fall in love?
Far from reality, love is a narrow heart into the emotional,
It is good but the independent and exclusive.

When you love someone, and tried to have him intact
Including his thoughts, his feelings and his whole person.
However, after every move, you can have long-term it?
The idea is not forever, nor always the only emotions.
So it is important not love, but enjoy.

Good people who will distribute the seductive luster,
He not only appeal to you, and you also attract the same people with appreciation.
Like the beautiful scenery, its existence not to a mountain, a wilderness,
But for the whole of nature is to decorated this beautiful world,
Is to allow more people to enjoy, to taste, to revel the meantime.

Different people, different tastes,
With a picture will have different feelings.
Snow crystal has a pure and noble beauty
Babbling brook with delicate natural beauty,
The magnificent beauty of the sea has a broad bold,
Each gives a different kind of beauty is shocked.

Everyone, blood and flesh, a soul,
Their different body exudes the same beauty
Every good quality is attractive.
Any time, learn to appreciate the vision to see the world
Look around you, you will be more peace with everything.

The weakness of human nature is to possess, to share all their favorite things.
But man is a thinking, that thinking is changing all the time,
Emotion is not a constant.
So, do not expect you to have a lot
In a normal state of mind to appreciate a person,
Enjoy the same as a painting, you will be very happy, will be very calm.

When you use a normal state of mind to know someone, make a person,
You will not be any thoughts of some affair, and you are free to casual contacts,
A little heart will blend, a true friend will appreciate in the eyes of your coming to you.
Friendship is also indispensable things in life,
Once you have a lot of true friends, you will feel the joy of life.

Have a good friend, than to have a relationship to be much more plain,
In life, each time the input is a kind of heart damage.
The friend is different, you can have friends at the same time,
To appreciate the pure human nature, the truth of the precious.
Friendship is also a love, a more noble, more sincere love … …

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